Portland Pole + Dance is now open! Check out our schedule for classes!


New Student Special!

  • $80 for 3 classes
  • Classes must be attended within 1 month of purchase.
  • May only be purchased one time total per person (i.e. may not be purchased separately at each studio).
  • May not be shared between multiple people.

Individual Classes

  • Open Studio: $25/hr (1 mo expiration)
  • Single Class: $40 (1 mo expiration)
  • 5-class Pack: $200 $190 (3 mo expiration)
  • 10-class Pack: $400 $360 (6 mo expiration)
  • 20-class Pack: $800 $680 (6 mo expiration)
  • May not be shared between multiple people.

Private Lessons

  • Single Private Lesson: $100
  • 5-lesson Pack: $500 $460
  • 5 Week Intensive Training Program: $600
  • 2 person semi private: $150 ($75/person)
  • 3 person semi private: $175 ($58/person)
  • All private lesson packages have a 6 month expiration date except for the 5 Week Intensive program which must be completed within 2 months of the first lesson.

5-Week Series


We offer 5-week series classes for pole levels 1-3, aerial silks and aerial lyra. Your series class will be no bigger than 8 people for pole, and 6 for aerials. You’ll learn new tricks and a 2-3 minute choreographed routine.

You’ll also get the opportunity to perform with your classmates at our next student showcase.

Sign up through the Pole + Dance app at your preferred location.

Studio Access Membership

$200/month with a 3 month minimum

This Studio Access Membership provides open training at the studio from 6am-11pm during times when there are no classes, workshops, events, or parties occurring.

The Studio Access membership only provides studio access to the studio that you are signed up with and is not a citywide membership.

*Please note that classes, workshops, and private lessons are not included in this membership. The Studio Access Membership only provides solo studio training access.*

San Francisco Only – 1 hour rental of the private pole room per day is included in this membership. You can book directly in Bookee or the P+D app. Additional time in the private pole room must be paid for.

Scholarship Program

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