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What should I know before taking my first class?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to the studio so that our Front Desk Team can give you a studio tour and help you get settled in for your class.

For pole classes, we rely on the grip that exposed skin provides on the pole. In addition to our hands, we also use the skin on our legs and even our torsos to help us stick on to the poles. We recommend wearing shorts that don’t restrict movement and expose as much of your legs as you are comfortable with (ideally you want to have the skin on your upper thighs exposed but anything exposing the knees will work for your first time) and a tank top and/or sports bra to your first class. We have shorts and grip aids (useful for sweaty palms!) available for purchase in studio! It’s also important on the day of your class to avoid applying any lotion or body products on your arms, legs and torso that contain oil, as oils can leave residue on the pole that makes it very slippery and cause a safety hazard. While some people may do fine skipping lotion entirely, if your skin is dry you CAN still moisturize your skin before class so long as you use the right products. You likely already have a moisturizer at home that is safe for pole dancing. Check ingredient labels – products that use glycerin, dimethicone and/or aloe as their moisturizing ingredients are all great options so long as none of the other ingredients listed are any type of oil. A few widely available products that are safe to use before pole class are Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Gold Bond Healing Aloe lotion, or pure aloe gel or spray (you can usually find this in the sun care aisle in stores as it is often used to help soothe skin after sun exposure or burns). Please note that because everyone’s skin is different, it may take a little bit of experimenting to figure out the right combination of moisturizer and/or grip aid for you to give you optimal grip on the pole.

For aerial and flexibility classes, we recommend wearing leggings and a fitted tank top.


All new pole students should start with Foundation pole classes so that they get the proper foundation and pole technique training.

New students can also drop into Lyra L1, Aerial Silks Foundations, and Active Flexibility.

Once you’ve taken at least three Pole Foundations classes you can also start taking Heels Choreography (Beg/Int) and Pole Inversions Conditioning.

If you have never taken class at a Pole + Dance studio, you can take advantage of our new student special 3 class pack for $80 (1 month expiration from date of purchase).


Students must create an account and sign up online before coming to the studio. This is to ensure that you’ve signed the liability waiver and read our Terms & Conditions.

To sign up for class, go to the Locations header and select the studio you’d like to attend. You can also navigate through the ‘My Account’ header to create an account and login to see your upcoming classes.


You can easily cancel a class online 24 hours in advance and keep your class credit. For cancellations with less than 24 hours notice, your class will be forfeited. Most of our classes sell out so this policy is to ensure fairness and access to classes. Note that this class cancellation policy is strict.


No. Some of the best pole dancers and aerialists today started with zero dance background! You will learn everything you need to know in class. Start with Foundations and from there you can work your way up to more advanced classes. You can also take our conditioning classes, flexibility classes, and choreography-dance classes to round out your training.


To start taking classes, no you do not need to be “in shape”. Pole dance, aerial and all of our ground based disciplines are  for all people of ALL  fitness levels, ages, shapes, sizes and genders. Period. We do not turn anyone away based on their fitness background, age, size, weight, gender, or other identity.  If you are a human, you are welcome here! . Our Foundations classes are designed to start you from the very beginning even if you have no previous experience in dance or fitness.

However, if you are under 16 years old you may only take private lessons or our Pole for Teens class at our Oakland location. If you are between 16-18 years old you may not take a heels classes and must have a parent or legal guardian come in person to the studio to sign a liability waiver before your first class.


For pole dance classes, you should wear shorts (ideally shorts that expose the skin on the upper thighs, but if you’re just starting out it’s ok to wear any shorts that offer freedom of movement and make you feel comfortable and confident), a tank top and a sports bra (if you have breasts). It may feel weird to wear so little clothing at first but you need to have a lot of skin exposed in order to stick to the pole. Fabric will slide off the pole. You can purchase shorts, sports bras, and grip aid in the studio as well.

For aerial and flexibility classes, you should wear leggings and a fitted shirt or tank top.

We normally go barefoot for beginning level classes. Wearing heels in class is optional for pole classes L2 and above. We do not provide heels at the studio, but you  are welcome to bring your own. For Heels Choreography, please wear heels or socks if you prefer not to wear heels. We recommend Pleasers Heels or similar style platform heels dedicated for dancing. . Street shoes are not permitted on the studio floors for hygiene reasons.


If you are waitlisted for a class, you must pay in advance to be added to the waitlist. If a spot opens up in class, everyone on the waitlist will be emailed a link they can click to be added to class. This is first come first serve, so whoever clicks the link first will get a spot.

If a spot opens up within a few hours of class, our front desk team will text or call everyone on the waitlist.

If class fills and you do not get into a class that you have been waitlisted for, you will keep your class credit for future use.


There is a communal all gender area to change in as well as bathrooms in the building. Showers are not available on site.

Your friend must have created an account in Bookee so that we’re sure they’ve agreed to our terms and conditions and waiver.

When you go to purchase class credits on your Bookee account, you’ll have the option to pay for someone else. You’ll need to enter your friends first and last name and email address as it appears on their Bookee account.

Note that this will only add credits to your friend’s account but they’ll need to sign themselves up for the class.

You can also call or email our front desk team!

All classes are limited to one person per apparatus as follows:

Pole & Aerial – One student per apparatus

Flexibility and Handstands – 6 students 

You may come into the studio to look for your lost items at any time during normal scheduled class times. They are kept in a box labelled ‘Lost and Found’ however we cannot guarantee that items will be found and Pole + Dance Studios are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


We offer one membership – the Studio Access Membership ($200/mo with a 3 month minimum commitment).

The open studio access membership gets you full access to the studio with a key fob or key code, depending on location, giving you flexibility in your training schedule. Classes, workshops, and events are not included with this membership and must be purchased separately.

In order to book the Studio Access Membership, you must complete a 15 minute safety overview. You may stop by anytime there’s a front desk manager working for this safety overview.

*You must email us to cancel your membership as they are on an autopay schedule

If you are a traveling pole dance or aerial dance instructor visiting from out of town and are looking for stops through San Francisco, please head to the “Join Our Team” page to submit an application for a short term residency program.

We offer 1-2 week short term residencies for guest instructors. During the residency, guest instructors will be scheduled for between 2-7 weekly classes at the studio. In exchange, Guest Instructors are compensated at the normal instructor rate. Guest Instructors also receive free room and board at the studio owner’s house in Berkeley or Portland.

Other perks include all the open studio time your heart desires, 20$/hour private rental rates for hosting your own private lessons. Having many guest Instructors is one of the many things that makes our studios special because it allows our community to learn from performers from all over the world!

Yes! For first time students, we offer a 3 class package at a 25% off for $80. These 3 classes expire after one month from date of purchase.


Our 5-week series are small, performance oriented series where students attend one class per week for 5 weeks. In class, students will develop choreography to music and develop unique and interesting combinations.

After 5 weeks, the choreography will be perfected and polished to be stage-ready for our seasonal Studio Showcases held in February and October.

Note that there are no make up sessions for the series but if you do miss a week, your instructor will email you the choreography to practice during in-studio time.

No. Packages and memberships cannot be shared between multiple people and cannot be used to purchase classes for other students.

Yes! We enforce a strict 10 minute late policy. This means that any student who arrives more than 10 minutes after class starts will not be allowed to take class. Your class will not be refunded and you will also not be allowed to reuse your class credit. This is to ensure safety and fairness for all students.


All classes are limited to one person per apparatus but we encourage students to watch and talk with one another during classes. This helps build community at our studios and we’ve seen many new friendships start this way!

The studio is an open concept space and there will usually be multiple classes at the same time. If you are sensitive to noise, we recommend booking a private lesson or time in the private pole room.

Alternatively, evening weekend classes and early morning classes generally have lower attendance and students will be more likely to have their own pole in the following classes.

We don’t allow observers at the studio to ensure that all of our students feel comfortable while taking class.

There are several coffee shops and wine bars right around our studios that anyone else with you can relax at while you’re in class.

At San Francisco Pole +Dance – if you’re using the private pole room you may have someone observe you in there but they must also pay the $25/hr rental fee and sign the liability waiver.

We do not allow dogs or animals in the studio unless they are service animals. Per state law, service animals (but not emotional support animals) are allowed to come into the studio and accompany their owner throughout the space.

We allow emotional support animals in the space only if they are kept in a carrier and near the front desk area. Emotional support animals that are too big for a carrier case must be kept outside in the hallway on a leash or left at home.

No children are allowed at the studio. We allow students 16+ in some classes but a parent or legal guardian must physically accompany them to class for their first visit to sign the liability waiver.

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